Pokemon go “Find your pokemon goal”

So, These days people are really concerned in finding their pokemon. So calling your life goal a pokemon will not be bad either. Suggesting all to wake up every morning with a goal which is finding their pokemon go or can say pokemon goal or life goal. The time spent on finding the pokemon can be spent on finding a goal for your life . Steps to find your pokemon goal:
  1. Lock your Phone- First of all you need to lock your phone and put it in your pocket. Your  call phone is the amin cause your mind is diverting . Tofocus on some thing you need to defocus on something which is your phone.
  2. With a peaceful mind-With a peaceful mind think about the fact of life and find a motive for your life. You are much more than you think about yourself.
  3. Think about your passion- You must have something in your life for which you are passionate. Start working on your passion. And yes, its the right time.
  4. Start working on it-Start from the very right moment . Step up the ladder to your goal.

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