About Inspired Bubble / Me

Let me give you my introduction.

My name is Rohit Thaper. I was always fascinated with the way the human body operates and how the mysterious mind of ours worked. Another major interest of mine was personal development. The lessons I’ve taken from sessions about personal development completely changed my life for the better. Finding personal development and our mind very interesting and being intrigued by it, I decided to study psychology .

About a 4 years ago, I started thinking about a concept. I always loved the idea of helping people all over the world in every possible way. I didn’t want to be restricted to a certain area. So I was thinking about an idea on how I could help people all over the world. And that’s how the idea of Inspired Bubble started.

Explanation of the name Inspired Bubble

There are some theories about why bubbles pop-out are being nicknamed for a Bubble. The one I find most appropriate is Hope in a bubble, according to the theory, Bubble break but not hope. I found the nickname ‘Bubble’ a very catchy name and a name with a lot of self-deprecating humor (what personally my favourite type of comedy is). The part ‘INSPIRED’ stems from the fact, that a Bubbles of hope acquired the wisdom that is needed to help the client with his problems. So that’s why I’ve chosen to name my brand and this site: Inspired Bubble.
Inspired Bubble Logo F (1)

The journey so far

I always wanted to have my own site where I could help people. I simply just love the feeling I get when I can help someone making them feel better. Personally for me, there isn’t a better feeling I can wish for. In order to help people and to create awareness of my brand I started using social media. I began using Instagram for creating inspirational and motivational quotes with the purpose to help people and to inspire them to become a better person. The response was great and my account has been growing rapidly ever since. After my following had increased to a certain amount I expanded my social media outlet to Facebook and Twitter. I also received on those platforms great feedback.
So I thought that the time was finally right for me to create my own website.

My purpose

The purpose of this website is simple. I want to help you reaching your full potential in all the important areas of life; physically, financially and emotionally. I will try my best to help you becoming the best version of yourself you can possibly be.
I would like to conclude this little background story about Inspired Bubble with a beautiful quote : Life always gives you a second chance its called Tomorrow ‘’Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier’’